Blowing Away our Three Poisons

How can we get enlightenment
With the constant flow of Three Poisons
How can we get out of the Six Realms
When we have Greed, Anger and Ignorance

We must continuously be aware
Of the states of our mind
When the effect of poison arises
We then can keep them out of the way

In order for our Wisdom to grow
These are things we should know
Let the Compassion in our heart flows
For the Three Poison be gone like pollen grains when the wind blows


Patience and Tolerance

Many of us feel victimized by people and events that happen to them. Few, if any, will feel happy after scolding by their boss or a bad fall on the ground after stepping on a banana skin.

Take a moment to do inner reflection when such things happen because your boss and the person who left the banana skin on the ground is giving you an opportunity to practice patience (to your boss) and tolerance (to the one who left the banana skin on the ground). These falls in the third Paramita of Patience.

Patience means to bear insults and ability to take what you cannot take. No actions, nor even thought, of striking back is having patience. The Chinese character of patience- 忍, has a knife blade on the top and a heart at the bottom. Using patience is like having a knife stuck into your heart. It is never easy to bear and it really hurts. If you can bear with what is difficult to bear, you can make it through the gate of patience, which means you can achieve Paramita, for Paramita means “getting through it”.

Paramita is a Sanskrit word which literally translate to “gone to the other shore”. We can go from the shore of birth and death through the massive flow of afflictions to the other shore- Nirvana.

Patience is a priceless gem which few know how to mine.
But if you can master it, everything works out fine!

Venerable Master Hsuan Hua


My wife told me that her period had been delay for this month and suspected that she may be pregnant. Our daughter and son are now 7 and 2 years old, respectively. She told me that she does not intend to have a third child and requested my understanding that if she is tested to be positive, she would want to have an abortion.

I told her that I disagreed immediately because having an abortion is taking away life. This is breaking the first precept of not taking away life.

There are four reasons for parents and child relationship:-
1. To repay in gratitude
2. To repay in complaints
3. To collect debts
4. To return debts

From my understanding in karma- cause and effect, with the right condition, this child enters the mother’s womb due to the causes in previous lives. In the event that the child is here to repay with gratitude or return debts, taking our the child’s life would convert this gratitude and love into hatred and anger.

Worst still, if the child is here to collect debts or to repay the complaint, the anger and hatred will be grow exponentially due to taking away the child’s life in the womb.

Every sentient being is a future Buddha. As such, I am also against abortion because taking away the child’s life means one less Buddha in the making. Furthermore, being given the opportunity to have re-birth in the human realm means greater opportunity to be enlightened, compared to the other 5 realms.

Now, back to my wife.
She’s tested to be negative to the pregnancy test kit.

Three Poisons

In the world we are living today, we are bombarded with sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches that arouse our senses. With the working of our senses and consciousness, they create internal craving for more (greed), burning sensation of hatred and jealousy (anger) and thoughts of foolishness and stupidity (ignorance). Together, greed + anger + ignorance = three poisons.

We are intoxicated by three poisons without even realizing it, leading to more suffering. That is why we should meditate to see things as they really are.