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Patience and Tolerance

Many of us feel victimized by people and events that happen to them. Few, if any, will feel happy after scolding by their boss or a bad fall on the ground after stepping on a banana skin.

Take a moment to do inner reflection when such things happen because your boss and the person who left the banana skin on the ground is giving you an opportunity to practice patience (to your boss) and tolerance (to the one who left the banana skin on the ground). These falls in the third Paramita of Patience.

Patience means to bear insults and ability to take what you cannot take. No actions, nor even thought, of striking back is having patience. The Chinese character of patience- 忍, has a knife blade on the top and a heart at the bottom. Using patience is like having a knife stuck into your heart. It is never easy to bear and it really hurts. If you can bear with what is difficult to bear, you can make it through the gate of patience, which means you can achieve Paramita, for Paramita means “getting through it”.

Paramita is a Sanskrit word which literally translate to “gone to the other shore”. We can go from the shore of birth and death through the massive flow of afflictions to the other shore- Nirvana.

Patience is a priceless gem which few know how to mine.
But if you can master it, everything works out fine!

Venerable Master Hsuan Hua